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What formal study should I undertake?

Are you interested in some formal study, but not really sure where to start looking? There are a plethora of study options out there, offered by a wide range of providers in various subjects. Whilst it would be impossible to … Continue reading

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Interested in further learning/study? How can we help?

The world is changing all the time. Did you know that the top 10 in demand jobs in 2010 didn’t even exist in 2004? (Check out this video for plenty more facts like that) In order to keep up with … Continue reading

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All you ever wanted to know about the BCM library

WELCOME Our library is much more than books; it is a place of intrigue, discovery, study and challenge. PURPOSE The library’s primary purpose is to provide information, resources and services to support the training and education programmes of Booth College … Continue reading

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What does the Centre for Leadership Development (CLD) at BCM do?

Though Booth College of Mission is one entity, it has a number of different parts with varying roles. They are: School for Officer Training NZ (SFOT) – responsible for the training of cadets in the Salvation Army to become Officers (pastors). This … Continue reading

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