4-6 April: Foundations for Community Ministries

Foundations for Community Ministries – The Heart and Helping Hand of The Salvation Army. This course is designed for anyone working within Community Ministries—whether you’re experienced or new to your role, paid or a volunteer—including community workers, budget advisers, food bank workers, seniors ministries, drop-in helpers, welfare workers, advocates, administrators … and more.

Content will include:

  • Models of practice: working in a strengths-based way to empower your client
  • Self-awareness: knowing how your own culture and background informs your practice
  • Safe Practice: ethics, boundaries and effective supervision
  • Communication: effective listening and communicating skills
  • Practical skills: record keeping, privacy, and working with SAMIS
  • The mission: your role within the beliefs and mission of The Salvation Army

Places on the course are allocated by Divisions, so be in touch with your Divisional Secretary for Community Ministries if this is a course that you think would benefit you.

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