BCM Thought Matters Seminar – Video – Friendship in Three Dimensions

The following presentation was given at Booth College of Mission in New Zealand on 25th August 2016 as part of our “Thought Matters” Seminars. These seminars are a monthly gathering for theological reflection and discussion hosted by Booth College of Mission.

William Booth once said: “One of the secrets of the success of the Salvation Army is that the friendless of the world find friends in it.”

Is this idea of friendship just a warm and fuzzy thing that makes the Army a great place to be or are there deeper theological concepts and spiritual realities which friendship embodies? In this paper, Caroline Jewkes presents a model of friendship which offers some different ways of thinking about salvation and mission for The Salvation Army in 21st century Aotearoa New Zealand.

Caroline Jewkes is part of the BCM team, currently living and working in Hamilton and a soldier at Hamilton City Corps. She has recently completed a Master of Theology degree through Laidlaw College and will be sharing some of the material from her thesis. Caroline is one of the NZFT representatives on the Tri-Territorial Theological forum and will be presenting a paper called Salvation is friendship at the TTTF conference in Melbourne in October 2016.

A copy of the powerpoint slides from this presentation can be downloaded below:

Thought Matters – Friendship

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