Missional Thoughts 03/16

Alan Jamieson’s (2000) ‘A Churchless Faith’ concluded that church-leavers in Aotearoa New Zealand do not leave church because they no longer have faith in God. They continue to have faith outside of the church, a “churchless faith”.

Is this your experience in 2016? Do you know of people of faith with no ‘church’ connection? Could the future of faith ever be ‘churchless’? How is this ‘churchless faith’ a challenge to how ‘we’ think of church? Is this ‘churchless faith’ a sign of the expanding ‘kingdom of God’?

Join in the conversation below…

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1 Response to Missional Thoughts 03/16

  1. I am meeting people all the time who were once committed members of local churches but for one reason or another have no current church – and are quite content to stay that way for the time being. I am looking at conversation questions such as
    1. how are you cultivating your relationship with God? (To see if the internet is meeting a need of some sort)
    2. How are you relating to other Christians currently? (Again to see if meeting old Christian friends who go to church OR use social media for such connections)

    And then there is Recovery Church, considered by a lot of AA/NA members to ‘belong to’ in the development of a faith/trust in a higher power, but who do not consider it to be “church” in the conventional sense.

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