BCM Thought Matters Seminar – Video – 23rd April 2015

The following presentation was given at Booth College of Mission in New Zealand on 23rd April 2015 as part of our “Thought Matters” Seminars. These seminars are a monthly gathering for theological reflection and discussion hosted by Booth College of Mission.

The Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit (SPPU) works toward the eradication of poverty by encouraging policies and practices that strengthen the social framework of New Zealand. The Unit provides social research and policy analysis, engaging with national opinion makers in politics, government, business, media and education.

Major Sue Hay is the current Director of SPPU, a unique role offering many challenges and opportunities to represent the voice of the people The Salvation Army exists for. She will offer a personal reflection on the biblical mandate to care about the state of the nation, with a special emphasis on ‘what the data from the latest report really tells us.’

A copy of the latest ‘State of the Nation’ can be downloaded here. 


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