New books in the BCM Library – June 2013


The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus: Luke’s account of God’s unfolding plan

Alan J. Thompson

“…the strength of Dr Thompson’s book is that it uncovers the main theological emphases of the Book of Acts on the book’s own terms. Moreover … he wisely keeps an eye peeled for theological connections with Luke’s Gospel.  This volume will be a treasure trove for all who seek to understand Acts better, not least those who teach and preach the book.”

(D.A. Carson)


Bad Religion: How we became a nation of heretics.

Ross Douthat

In a world populated by “pray and grow rich” gospels and Christian cults of self-esteem, Ross Douthat argues that America’s problem isn’t too much religion; nor is it intolerant secularism. Rather, it’s bad religion. Conservative and liberal, political and pop cultural, traditionally religious and fashionably “spiritual” – Christianity’s place in American life has increasingly been taken over, not by atheism, but by heresy: debased versions of Christian faith that stroke our egos, indulge our follies, and encourage our worst impulses.


Born to a changing world: childbirth in nineteenth-century New Zealand

Alison Clarke

Emerging from diaries, letters and memoirs, the voices of this charming narrative tell of new life arriving amidst a turbulent world. Tracing Maori and Pakeha experience in all parts of the country, this richly illustrated account of childbirth in nineteenth-century New Zealand remains centred throughout on mothers, their babies and families: this is their history..


Catherine Booth: laying the theological foundations of a radical movement.

John Read

This book examines the implicit theology that undergirds Catherine Booth’s Salvationist spirituality and reveals the ethical concerns at the heart of her soteriology and the integral relationship between the social and evangelical aspects of Christian mission in her thought.


Chocolate seller on Broadway and his kids.

Chris Grantham

The one and a half square metres of footpath space on Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland from which Mark Grantham sells his chocolate bars for charity as to be one of the smallest retail sites in New Zealand. One regular customer jokingly refers to it as Mark’s ‘office’, because it is where Mark – severely disabled with cerebral palsy since birth – has plied his trade for the last seventeen years. … His is quite a story – and there’s much, much more to it than chocolate – taste, and you’ll see what is meant.


God’s many-splendored image: theological anthropology for Christian formation.

Nonna Verna Harrison

“A straightforward account of ancient Greek anthropology and spirituality that shows other, non-Augustinian methods for understanding the human condition before God. This side of patristic theological development deserves to be heard.”

D.H. Williams (BaylorUniversity)

steadman allen

History, harmony and humanity: a suite of articles

Ray Steadman-Allen

This unique book celebrates the life and work of Ray Steadman-Allan, described by Ronald Holz as ‘the most gifted, prolific and forward-looking talent’ in 60 years of Salvation Army music, who has also enriched the entire brass band scene with ‘significant and challenging works’.  It includes autobiography, appreciation and analysis of RSA’s brass and choral music along with revealing insights into his life and his vocation as a minister of the Christian gospel.


The Hole in our holiness: filling the gap between gospel passion and the pursuit of Godliness.

Kevin DeYoung

What does it mean to be holy? Why should we care? And how can we change?

“I repeatedly said ‘Yes!’ as I turned these pages and am convinced that Christ-followers desperately need to read, discuss, and live out this timely, God-exalting message!”

Randy Alcorn


Power in the blood: claiming your spiritual inheritance.

Sandie Freed

Are you struggling with lack, insecurity or inferiority? You are a child of the King. Are you ready to claim your royal inheritance?

As the beloved hymn says, “There is power in the blood.” Through the blood shed by Jesus Christ on the cross, you inherit eternal life, authority, destiny, wisdom and more. It is time to rediscover your spiritual ancestry, awaken to your royal identity and claim all that God has, through Jesus, already bestowed on you.

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