All you ever wanted to know about the BCM library



Our library is much more than books; it is a place of intrigue, discovery, study and challenge.


The library’s primary purpose is to provide information, resources and services to support the training and education programmes of Booth College of Mission, The Salvation Army’s education centre. In addition, use of the library is open to all  Christian workers, Bible students, pastors and ministers in their quest for knowledge and information to support mission and ministry.


The library has a collection of approx 17,000 items.  These include books, 40 active periodical titles, a small CD and DVD collection, audio and visual recordings and pamphlets.


  • INNZ (Index New Zealand) – access to a broad range of periodicals
  • ARI (Australasian Religious Index)
  • National Library of New Zealand (Te Puna)
  • SongSelect—access to scripts, lyrics and lead music to most of today’s church music


The library is staffed Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:45 pm. Access to the library after office hours may be available on request. Conditions apply.


The BCM library catalogue is now online. Search through to see if we have your favourite Book, DVD or Journal here.


  • Staff and students of Booth College of Mission and all Salvation Army officers have automatic rights of access to the library’s facilities. Postage charges may apply.
  • Ministers, pastors, students and others not associated with BCM may apply for registration as an external borrower for an annual fee of $50.
  • Laidlaw students can apply to receive a 50% discount to this fee
  • See below for information about Postal Borrowing


  • The library has a self-issuing system
  • Loan period: 6 weeks
  • Renewals may be made by phone, email or in person
  • All library material is subject to recall


Study desks with power and data outlets for internet access via personal laptops are available in a warm, quiet, environment with ample lighting.

Photocopying, internet and computer facilities are available (additional charges may apply).


Books, periodicals, kits, CD’s, DVD’s and other items may be borrowed by post from the Booth College of Mission Library.  Requests may be made in person, or via telephone, fax, letter or email.


Borrowing is restricted to: Officers and full-time workers whose names and postal addresses are listed in the current edition of the N.Z. Disposition of Forces, and Cadets on distance training.

Ministers, pastors, students and others not associated with BCM may apply for registration as a postal borrower for an annual fee of $50. Contact for further info.


  • Books may be requested by author/title or by subject: as full and clear a description as possible should be given
  • Priority will be given to BCM on-site users. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any item should it be required
  • No postal borrower may have more than five books/items out on loan at any one time
  • Books may be borrowed for 6 weeks. They must be returned to the college by the due date sticker
  • The borrower will pay postage both ways, ie: stamps equal to the outward postage must be enclosed with the books when they are returned
  • The full cost of books lost or damaged will be charged to the borrower

Memorial Book Plan

A lasting and useful memorial to the life and service of someone important to you.

You can pay tribute to a relative, friend or comrade by donating the cost of one or more books to The Booth College of Mission Library. These books will be suitably inscribed with a memorial book plate in memory of your loved one.


Booth College of Mission
P O Box 40-542
Upper Hutt, 5018

Phone: (04) 528-8628
Fax: (04) 527-6900

Want more info?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our librarian Beverley on the email address above, or leave us a message below.

And check out the article about the library from a previous war cry…


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