Foundations of Leadership – 7-8 August

Leadership is not about quick fixes. It is about building, rewarding and sustaining passion and commitment. Modern leadership is about motivating committed followers.

Foundations of Leadership is a programme that addresses the fundamentals of leadership and works to build day-to-day leadership skills. It also gives your people rock-solid techniques to handle challenging situations.

Foundations of Leadership is designed for team leaders or managers who are new to their position and people with potential who are not yet in leadership roles. Emphasizing the real differences between leadership and management it introduces the skills required for building excellent relationships – a vital ingredient in business success.

This boosted ability to nurture relationships sees those who come through the Foundations of Leadership programme develop a far more collaborative approach, and sets in place a solid base for future leadership growth.


  • 2 or day training, delivered as modular workshops
  • Practical application focused on giving participants essential leadership skills
  • Interactive learning processes – participants can draw on the wisdom and experience of others
  • Real-life application – participants leave with solutions to leadership challenges they face in their workplace

Contact us to find out more or download a brochure and registration form here. All applications must be completed in full, including appropriate Finance One Codes, and signed off by the delegate’s Line Managers.

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