What does the Centre for Leadership Development (CLD) at BCM do?

Though Booth College of Mission is one entity, it has a number of different parts with varying roles. They are:

  • School for Officer Training NZ (SFOT) – responsible for the training of cadets in the Salvation Army to become Officers (pastors). This generally involves two-years of residential training (in Upper Hutt, NZ) where they complete a Diploma in Biblical Studies, and Diploma in Salvation Army Mission and Ministry
  • School for Officer Training Fiji – Much like it’s NZ counterpart, SFOT (Fiji) is responsible for training cadets from Fiji and Tonga to become Salvation Army Officers. Though based in Suva, it is still a part of BCM.
  • School for Bible and Mission (SBM) – Anyone may apply to take part in the courses offered to cadets at BCM, and study towards a Diploma of Biblical Studies as part of the School for Bible and Mission
  • Centre for Leadership Development NZ (CLD) – See below
  • Centre for Leadership Development Fiji – Responsible for the leadership development of Salvationists in Fiji including Officers, staff, and soldiers
  • Youth Missions Training – In conjunction with the Territorial Youth Dept, this provides training opportunities for youth workers and leaders throughout NZ, Fiji & Tonga. This includes the LAB Apprenticeship Scheme for training Youth Workers, and various other short courses and conferences.
  • William Booth Educare – An early childhood centre for those living on campus as well as other members of the Upper Hutt Community
  • Plowman Resource Centre (Library, Archives and Heritage Centre) – This includes a purpose built library, with borrowing opportunities for Salvationists across NZ, and the custom built Archive and Heritage Centre, which is tasked with keeping safe the records and history of the territory

Though there are many different parts, the different faculties of BCM operate as a team, and work collaboratively to achieve the objectives of each department.

As one of these departments, the Centre for Leadership Development is charged with helping to develop leaders within New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga. It’s main areas of focus are:

  • Providing a range of in-house training events for Officers, Staff and other Salvationists usually as 3-5 day residential short courses
  • Working with the Personnel Dept to facilitate the post-comissioning development programme for Officers in the first five years of their ministry, as well as others in alternative Officer development programmes (such as Auxilary Captains and Envoys)
  • Managing two study scholarships; The Further Education for Officers (FEO) scholarship for Officers wanting to undertake further formal study programmes, and the Unleashing Fund (ULF) scholarship for other Salvationists undertaking formal study
  • Providing study advice, and individual learning pathways for those within the Salvation Army, particularly as part of formal Officer Reviews at BCM, but also to anyone else within the Salvation Army
  • Providing assistance to other Salvation Army departments on their learning and development requirements

However, as you might be able to imagine, the work can be fairly wide-ranging and not necessarily limited to the areas listed above.

If you work for the Salvation Army, or attend a Salvation Army Corps, and are interested in your ongoing learning and development, or that of your staff, feel free to be in contact with us. We’d be very happy to chat it over with you.

You can contact using the contact form below, email bcm@nzf.salvationarmy.org or phone 04 528 8628.

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