BCM Thought Matters Seminar – Video – 11 April 2013

Part 1

Part 2

The following presentation was given at Booth College of Mission in New Zealand on 11 April 2013 as part of their Thought Matters Seminars. These seminars are a monthly gathering for theological reflection and discussion hosted by Booth College of Mission. This presentation was prepared by five cadets as part of their studies to become Officers of the Salvation Army.

What’s in a Sacrament? A study into the primary sources of confusion among Salvationists with regard to The Salvation Army’s stance on the Sacraments.

The Salvation Army has a somewhat contentious stand on the sacraments in wider church circles. Even within the movement there is confusion about the reasons for our stance, the expectations and limitations on the practice of sacraments and even whether our stance is still relevant today. At our next “Thought Matters” Seminar, five cadets will be presenting their explorations of this topic, completed as part of their work towards the Diploma of Salvation Army Mission and Ministry. Their research draws from consultation with a range of officers and produced recommendations for beginning officers to minimise confusion relating to the sacraments within their appointments.

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