Foundations for Chaplaincy – 12-15 August

The Chaplaincy Training Course Reach out in Love, is an introduction to the basic skills, practices, philosophies and understandings which form the foundations for practice as a chaplain in various Salvation Army contexts.

Content will include:

  • How to support and empower clients, including how to access a range of resources
  • Communication- how to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues
  • A personal philosophy of chaplaincy in relation to The Salvation Army

All applications must be completed in full, including appropriate Finance One Codes, and signed off by the delegate’s Line Managers. 

N.B. Incomplete registration forms will be returned for completion, and therefore, result in delay of your registration.  Please check that all requested information has been provided on the form (including Finance One Codes), and that it is legible.

Selection criteria apply. Contact us to find out more or download a brochure and registration form here.

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Official blog of The Salvation Army Booth College of Mission, in Upper Hutt, New Zealand.
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